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Sustainability Farm

Set In Stone

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OUR Mission

Set In Stone Sustainability Farm provides our community with a place where good and healthy things grow, a place to connect with the magic of the land and the spirit of the community.
Set In Stone Sustainability Farm’s (SISSF) mission is to use farm strategies to train, educate, and implement the concepts of sustainability and self-sufficiency. We do this by offering sustainable
living workshops, canning, and food preservation classes to the underserved/under-represented communities in my area. We also offer hands-on agriculture education to Pre-K grade 12 where we
teach them how to fish along with providing other hands-on opportunities in educational endeavors which cover areas of egg incubation, animal observation, farm management, gardening, art-expression and creative writing.

OUR Vision

Our Vision of impacting communities through “hands-on” agriculture, animal observation, fishing, and education for all children in grades Pre-K through 12.  We include all aspects of farm-life and management, gardening, art expression and creative writing. 
Set In Stone Sustainability Farm is helping communities thrive from the inside out.  We help provide for the needs of the underserved community “today”, but we don’t stop there.  Our training and educational programs afford those whom we serve the opportunity to take an active role in providing for themselves “tomorrow”. 


Why Choose Our Farm

Set In Stone Sustainability Farm's Therapeutic gardening program transforms garden spaces for schools and senior living centers. We combine horticultural gardening therapy and therapeutic gardening to create a nursery that will both use plants and viniculture techniques to improve mental and physical health in adults and children, as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve attention, and interrupt harmful ruminations.
Set In Stone Sustainability Farm offers:
Therapeutic Holistic Alternatives
Advance Agriculture Education
Farm Field Trips 
Therapeutic Gardening
CSA Vegetable and Meat Programs
Sustainable Living Workshops
Processing/Butchering Workshops

Therapeutic Gardening


Field Trips to The Farm


Holistic Alternatives

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Sustainable Living Workshops

Meat Boxes


Contact us

ADDRESS: 111Family Rd Jenkinsville SC
PHONE: 803-873-5147     
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